The centre is focused on carrying out a very high quality Early Childhood Teaching Program which will ensure delivery of high quality Early Childhood Teaching Education which is consistent with The Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) and the NSW Curriculum Framework

  • Early Childhood Teacher will be on premises to implement and enforce the educational material for the centre and to deliver a good educational outcome for your child
  • Diploma qualified Early Childhood Educator will work with younger groups to give them good educational foundation
  • Qualified Cook will provide the children with healthy, balanced & nutritious breakfast, lunch & afternoon tea
  • Managing Director will spend time with parents and discuss all their issues and concerns about their child and process any day to day administration & managerial work to keep all staff members concentrating on educating and caring for your child


  • In employing staff who are committed to working for the best interests of children and families
  • That each staff member brings fundamental, personal qualities to the centre environment such as empathy, respect, warmth and a passion for learning
  • In the importance of creating an environment of collegiatlity where personal and professional contributions are valued, communication is open and confidentiality is maintained


  • Provide opportunities for staff to share in decision making and to obtain feedback
  • Provide a safe and comfortable working environment with release time for programming and other duties
  • Provide ongoing professional development for staff


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  • 0423 932 922


Diversity within our centre, families, staff and wider community should be respected and celebrated and that we can play a role in fostering and developing a social conscience among children with a view to addressing social inequities